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What We Do

What We Do: Service


Child sexual abuse thrives in an environment of silence, denial, and ignorance.  Invite us to speak to your adult Sunday school class, ladies' or men's group, or ask Gene to preach at your church service to start the conversation.  Let us help you begin to understand the nature of the problem and the opportunities to respond.




Gene and Robin are authorized facilitators for Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children program which teaches any adult how to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse.  In addition, let us help you understand how to talk with your children about safety, to respond well when abuse occurs, and to become aware of the challenges facing survivors.



Don't even know where to begin?  Let us help you or your organization begin the discussion of how you can be proactive in preventing abuse, responding well when abuse happens, and caring for survivors.



Help is not always easy to find.  We have compiled a list of organizations, literature, web sites, and statistics to help you become more aware of child sexual abuse, learn what you can do to prevent it, and support the survivors in your life.

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