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Who We Are


Pastor Gene and Robin Greiner

Robin is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and  Gene is a survivor of childhood domestic violence.  We know what it is to live with the trauma of these events.  We have also experienced  the miracle of God redeeming the memories and the pain.   He is turning them into something that brings Him glory, and He is making our lives beautiful in His eyes.  God has healed us and continues to heal us.  His grace gives us the hope to continue the journey.


Robin is a Bible college graduate and stay-at-home mom.  She is passionate about awareness and prevention training.  She is an advocate who uses her voice and her own personal story to raise awareness of child sexual abuse and to share the hope found in Christ for survivors' healing.

Gene is an engineer by vocation and an ordained minister.  He is passionate about using his gifts and voice to speak out for victims and to raise awareness of abuse.  He wants to train others to prevent and respond effectively to sexual abuse and domestic violence.  Gene works full time as a sales engineer, serves as an elder at Grace Community Church in Chalfont, Pennsylvania, and volunteers as a chaplain at Plumstead Christian School's elementary campus.


Gene and Robin have been married for 25 years and reside with their dog, Maggie, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Their son, Andrew, is in college.


Soli Deo Gloria ... To God Alone Be the Glory

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